Artificial Intelligence Classifies Cancer Types, Predicts Genetic Alterations

The ability to accurately identify cancer—and classify cancer types—using machine learning would provide a tremendous advance in cancer diagnostics for both physicians and patients. But that is just one role of many that machine learning can play in cancer. Source: Artificial Intelligence Classifies Cancer Types, Predicts Genetic Alterations

How AI is revolutionizing healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI), or intelligence demonstrated by machines, is heavily influencing many industries. AI applications in healthcare can literally change patients’ lives, improving diagnostics and treatment and helping patients and healthcare providers make informed decisions quickly. Source: How AI is revolutionizing healthcare

Understanding the Basics of Supervised Learning and Reinforced Learning

What Is Machine Learning? How Reinforced Learning Differs From Supervised Learning? A person who begins machine learning is often confused between supervised learning and reinforced learning. While in general, Machine Learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves, both supervised and reinforced models are […]

Medical Virtual Reality (VR) Helps Pharmacists Discover New Drugs

The term Virtual Reality (VR) was used for the first-time way back in 1987. Since then this technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Virtual Reality is often described as a banquet of interconnected technological devices. VR devices consist of a computer capable of interactive 3D visualization, a head-mounted display and data gloves equipped with […]

How AI Will Transform Healthcare In Developing Regions

With all the buzz about artificial intelligence, it is so important that we roll out our technologies and toolkits to bring global healhcare forward. From surveillance of cases to the progression of mutative strains (perhaps more relevant to viruses), it is no doubt that many parts of the world have leaps and bounds to make […]

Data Quantity, Complexity Drives Use of AI in Drug Discovery and Testing

The quantity of data about medicines, diseases, and biology is growing. So too, are the number of companies that employ artificial intelligence in drug discovery. Most of the low-hanging fruit in drug research has already been picked, and the industry is clamoring to make sense of the new data, according to Jeffrey Lu, CEO and […]