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At this point I would like to deal with the strengths and weaknesses of our industry in a professional, imaginative, critical and sometimes humorous way. Our industry is as broadly based as society and you can come across the most wondrous characters and the strangest things. Everything is data protection compliant.

Dr. Jonson and his colleagues are fictional characters (are they?) who will accomany us through several episodes of clinical researches. Sometimes they will also appear in an article. For example, in the introduction to an article published in the Journal for clinical Studies in December 2021. Read yourself “Clinical Trials – Somewhere Between Tradition and Digital Modernity – A Wakeup Call”.

How will the new technologies and the associated medical progress be translated into validated products. This question was put to me by Mark A. Barker (Managing Director) and Beatriz Romão (Editorial Manager) from the renowned British journal for clinical studies. “Personalised Medicine and Clinical Studies – The Attempt to Untie a Gordian Knot” not only deals with the theoretical understanding, but also gives concrete advice on the practical implementation of adaptive study designs.

The entire issue is dedicated to this thematic. You can therefore download the magazine here.

I was asked for a short commentary on the influence of the fast vaccine development and the consequences for the future of clinical research by BioSpectrum magazine, which is very popular in German-speaking countries. The comment was published in the April issue 2021. IT`s a statement what to do next to use the moment turn the way around to make clinical research studies more reliable, more effective and shorten the time needed and how this can help to reduce the financial burden on the health systems

In my opinion clinical trials are very similar, regardless of the indication, due to the regulatory requirements. Nevertheless, setting different priorities wisely can be decisive to be successful. In 2013, I had the opportunity to write a noteworthy article together with my colleague Thomas Ogorka for the biotechnology magazine “Going Public”, which is well known in Germanys’: “Orphan Drugs – Focus on Clinical Trials”. Seven years later, there is nothing new to add!

Back in 2014, I was asked for a short commentary on the new EU directive by BioSpectrum magazine, which is very popular in German-speaking countries. The conclusion was “It’s not going to work”. It brought me a lot of criticism – on 1 January 2022, the directive came into force with a 3-year transition period. Nine years after my article. A proud achievement.  Enclosed is the original article and the German translation. Perhaps I will be allowed to comment on the subject again.

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