Google Launches New Artificial Intelligence Tools for Healthcare

November 12, 2020 – Google Cloud recently launched new artificial intelligence tools for healthcare users intended to combat challenges with healthcare data and unstructured digital text during the COVID-19 pandemic. The suite of fully-managed artificial intelligence tools, which includes the Healthcare Natural Language API and AutoML Entity Extraction for Healthcare, will assist healthcare professionals with reviewing […]

AI driven Information Center

Our new research blog driven by elements of artificial intelligence is online now. It is the first module of our CLiNSTORM(c) project to support medical and pharmaceutical developers with updated information about research activities, AI developments and everything you need to know, driven by Affinity’s SocializerHub®. Let us support with your medical research business. Please […]

Important information for clinical investigators

Our global networking side E-Feasibility is online. E-Feasibility helps sponsors to pre-select and recruit investigators. Investigators can register for free and join our global network today.Do you have any contacts interested in working as clinical investigator? Feel free to share this post with people in your network. Be part of this amazing global network platform […]

Privacy, efficacy concerns are the biggest hurdles to digital health adoption

More people have used virtual visits, chatbots and other digital health tools since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. But what will it take for them to adopt these tools in the long run? According to a survey by Accenture, consumers listed the privacy and efficacy of digital health tools as their top two concerns. […]

3 strategies to manage digital health data

Digital health data is growing at such an astronomical rate that its volume is measured in exabytes – 2,314 exabytes, by one projection . (For the record, one exabyte = one billion gigabytes; and “all words ever spoken by human beings” would need 5 exabytes of storage if saved as text.) The value of this […]

Artificial Intelligence Classifies Cancer Types, Predicts Genetic Alterations

The ability to accurately identify cancer—and classify cancer types—using machine learning would provide a tremendous advance in cancer diagnostics for both physicians and patients. But that is just one role of many that machine learning can play in cancer. Source: Artificial Intelligence Classifies Cancer Types, Predicts Genetic Alterations

MIT Researchers Deploying Machine Learning to Develop Effective Antibiotics

Recently, a team of researchers at MIT discovered a powerful new antibiotic using machine learning algorithms. The antibiotic is named for the AI in 2001: A Space Odyssey, halicin. It successfully wiped out numerous bacterial strains, including some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria on the World Health Organization’s most wanted list. Source: MIT Researchers […]